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Laboratory Planning and Design Services


Spencer-Virnoche is here to support your next project. We offer experienced design, coordination and material selection and provide a complete solution for your laboratory furniture system needs. Our laboratory planning & design team will lend their decades of expertise and CAD proficiency to ensure a carefully planned and well-designed facility. We understand how to identify and solve unique lab design challenges.


Spencer-Virnoche provides more than just a number. Taking time up front allows us to understand project requirements, client vision and budget. This helps us to provide the necessary support throughout the life of the project ensuring we are able to offer the correct laboratory products combined with seamless coordination from the initial planning stages through the installation process.


Our clients depend on our insight, advice and recommendations. As part of our turnkey services, we offer drawings and provide an analysis that outlines options and their pros & cons along with a personal review and revisions.


So, wether you are looking at a new build, retro fit or laboratory remodeling you can count on Spencer-Virnoche to get your project started off right.


Get started now. Contact our Design Team today.


You can count on us for:


  • Detailed drawings
  • Work-flow consideration
  • Code compliance
  • Accuracy
  • Material selection
  • Meeting ADA requirements
  • Quick turnaround
  • Consulting
  • LEED Certified solutions