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Sigma Flex™ Wall Systems

Sigma Flex™ Wall Systems

When space is an issue, our two adaptable Sigma Flex™ Wall systems allow you to create storage for the perimeter of your laboratory. The adjustable components in these systems can be easily repositioned in 1" increments.

8-3/4" Deep Wall Core

Wall cores are designed for setting up around the edges of your lab by securing to the wall and floor. This provides support for cantilevered work surfaces and suspended cabinets. Use the 8-3/4" Wall Core system for applications where a service chase for services like gas, air, vacuum, water is required. Wall cores are offered in various widths, and are available as lower or full height assemblies.

1" Deep Wall Rail

Wall rail systems attach to the wall to offer support when no services are required. This system can support cantilevered countertops and shelving, but is not made to support suspended cabinets. Wall Rails are 1" deep, are offered in various widths, and are available in full height or upper assemblies. It is important to note that the walls where this product will be installed are of sufficient strength to support the customer's intended load (significant blocking is required).